10+ Useful WordPress Developer Snippets

In this blog post i am listing list of best snippets which are useful for WordPress developers. These snippets helps developers to develop WordPress template and plugin with ease. I bundles these snippets because these are most used snippets used by me, if you have any snippets please share the snippets in comments so that […]

7 Things to do after installing WordPress

Many of the websites around are in WordPress, most of the people know how to install WordPress but does not know to maintain it. Lot of developers work on meeting the client requirements but forgets the quality of the code and make the code exploit to hackers.

How to get value of Span Tag

JavaScript play biggest role in web development and designing. JS is helps out by maintaining functionality in the website. Most of the website uses JavaScript Jquery and Ajax in their websites both in front end and back end. Here is the simple snippet which I found difficult to get the text or value from the […]

How to get value of input box in javascript

JavaScript is the best way to manipulate data in the client side, for tee validations , AJAX calls ,Sliders and many more functionalities are developed by JavaScript. Here is the small snippet which is used to get the input value in to the variable of JavaScript.